Transform - Uniquely - Righteously - Now
Transform - Uniquely - Righteously - Now
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Our Story

What does T.U.R.N. Stand for?






Our Mission

In life there are 4 things that matter most, and T.U.R.N.'s intention is to call attention to them. 

1. Transformation - Growth and Development are vital on our life's journey. In order to direct transformation, and not blown to and from by the wind, we will first need to recognize who and where we are. Then we must decide who we want to become and where we want to go. Fortunately, followers of the Way, don't have to create a guide or establish a destination. We have a leader in Jesus and destination of God's roomy house available to us.

2. Uniqueness - While it is imperative that we live our life to its fullest capabilities, we understand; for our own well being, and that of others that the way we transform will be one of a kind. There is no bad path to take when the destination is life with the Father. If you are reading this it is clear your final destination has not yet been reached (there is still hope)...It does us well to remember that for ourselves, and others.

3. Love is Righteous - Love is the compass of our existence. When you are lost, use it to find your way home. Love is also an action and sometimes it's hard to keep love as strainer to our words, thoughts, and movements especially towards those who have wronged us, but remember Christ DIED for the ungodly!

4. Timing - Timing is everything. There is no better time to T.U.R.N. than now.